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Profile m+a report

m+a report. THE TRADE FAIR MAGAZINE is a practical and informative specialist and business medium and, as such, a reliable partner for trade fair experts in exhibiting companies, in particular export-oriented medium-size companies in the most varied sectors. With specialist know-how, m+a report supports planning and organization, exhibition preparation, the appearance, and checking exhibitors' goal attainment. It gives those working in marketing, trade fairs, or sales inspiration for innovations and its reporting provides a benchmark by describing successful case examples and illustrating translation of the brand into three dimensions.


Opportunities - shows the trade fair appearances as success stories, looks at the background to the exhibition industry and provides market data and company news. Players from the reader target group have a say in this section. It reports on exhibition goals and participation strategies, sales development, recruiting and looks at the latest studies.


Markets - describes foreign business developments with country information, especially for exhibitors, who want to go abroad, includes guest articles, experience and know-how transfer, so that an appearance far outside familiar business activities is a success.

Special feature

Appearances - provides specific examples of how a stand becomes an appearance and how brand management in three dimensions works. New materials and design trends for all areas of the exhibition appearance are presented.


Practice - provides practical help, for example, with briefing, costing, outline contracts, exhibition planning, logistics, includes specialist articles on projects and concepts and shows new products.


m+a report is also just a mouse click away, as an e-paper. Specific searches and direct links to the advertisers homepages are a matter of course.

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m+a report: Current issue

Gaining ground: Women to the front row / Survey 2017: Women in the Event Industry

On display: Friedr. Dick's world of knives

Emerging: Asean progressing slowly but steadily

Staging: Brand medley at COS

m+a report e-magazine

Preview m+a report 4/2017

Opportunities: Crisis communication / Exhibitor interview / Wrapping it up: Expos 2016

Markets: Consumer goods

Appearance: Decoration: Attention to detail - plates and surfaces

Best practice Logistics / Sustainable building / Special theme: Customer pitches floor covering

Publication date: June 30, 2017

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