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Implement Tradeshow Data On Your Website

Use ExpoDataBase's tradeshow data for your website by interface:
By implementing tradeshow data, tailored to your needs, you benefit from reliable, always up-to-date content on your own website.

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Interface for Tradeshow Data from ExpoDataBase

Implement ExpoDataBase's tradeshow data on your own website: Instead of searching and compiling tradeshow data yourself, benefit from always topical and verified content in real time.

If you are interested in using ExpoDataBase’s tradeshow data, we are glad to make you a detailed offer of costs.

Please send an email to, specifying:

  • Your company's name and address
  • Address of the website, where the tradeshow data will be implemented

Description: API 1

API 1 delivers all relevant tradeshow data, corresponding to search queries as xml or json.
In order to implement the data an individual "access token" is necessary.
For obtaining an access token, please send us an e-mail request (see above).

Resource URL


Specifies the number of records to retrieve. Must be less than or equal to 200.
Defaults to 10. Example values: 5
Specifies language, de for German, en for English. Defaults to de. Values can either be de or en.
Example values: de
Returns results as json encode. Xml will be delivered, if this parameter is not included. Example values: 1
Example values: berlin
Example values: SILMO

Periods of time

There are 2 optional parametres sdate (start date) and edate (end date):

  • lf only sdate is given, all tradeshows are listed, which take place at this specific day.
  • lf sdate and edate are given, all tradeshows are listed, which take place within this period of time. sdate must differ from edate. sdate < edate (2020-03-25 < 2020-04-01).
  • lf only edate is given, it is treated like sdate.

Format: yyyy-mm-dd (2020-03-25)
Format: yyyy-mm-dd (2020-03-25)


Response as XML

Response as json

These examples are at your disposal for testing.
Please take into account that the maximum of records delivered is 3.
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